Saturday, April 14, 2012

Be aware of what is inside your refrigerator

Hey people here is a sample of what was lying on my refrigerator for so many years now.
Suddenly some thing hit my mind to check the orange flavored Glucon D that was inside the freezer for quite some time and i was shocked to notice that it got expired 3 months before. So went on with an environmental spree to check on expiry dates of other stuff that was lying inside that cool box, which invites my eyes every time when i open the door.

Surprisingly all of these had expired and having a cool life consuming whole lot of electricity and making further damage to the environment.
All these were untouched and unconcerned for almost six to seven years.
Though the refrigerator gets cleaned every now and then, it is indeed surprising how nobody including me have ever thought of its shelf life.

Immediately i cleaned up and removed all these unworthy junks that gave me a high relief and sense of responsibilty that has been missing all these years.
I have done my bit to the environment. And now it's your turn to go and grab those necks of those junks and throw them out(Please recycle them in a proper way) and make sure you monitor your frig's content at least a week ( by checking its expiry date periodically) and make sure you keep what needs to be kept in an refrigerator, you can always check the instructions that will be printed on back of everything you buy. Because the more you keep inside the refrigerator, the more you gonna pay for your electricity bills and further more damage to the environment that you are living around.

So my humble request to all to allocate some time and clean up your refrigerator and maintain it the same way all your life time.

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Smoking Really Kills

Why you want to leave this beautiful world so early before everyone.Lets keep this world beautiful for ever for the next generation.Stop smoking.Join the green expedition with me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plastic Kills!

This poster basically done with the intention to provide it to all the shop keepers in chennai to put it inside the shop especially the big retail giants like Food World, Get More, Fresh@ and more shops where chances of foot falls are high for buying monthly groceries and other daily needs. This could be a small step towards making this world a bit more greener and to show our care for the future generation.If we notice in today's trend there are lot of people irrespective of educated or uneducated, will just enter the shop empty handed just with money.Because they think money can buy everything. The guy who gets down from the cycle to the guy who gets down from mercedes never ever thinks what they really doing.They just walk in and walks out with pile of plastic shit carrying proudly in their hands. "What happen to these people" where is the habbit of carrying a bag from home as gone. I use to wonder and question myself and even went and told people when ever i thougt of doing it. Many use to say thanks and many use to wonder who the hell is this and might made them think why i am greedy if they go with few plastic covers which they think they deserve since they bought some goods from the shop.Even they would think that i am specially appointed by the shop owner to insist people to carry their bags so that it reduces the expenses for the shop owner to buy plastic bags for the customers.Why is it happening.Why even educated people doesn't give a second thought about carrying their own bag instead of going for a plastic.Because our education does not emphasis more on the hazardous nature of plastic and its by products.So their should be atleast one or more chapters dedicated for letting the students know the myth and facts about the plastic, coal , oil and about all the world's deadliest man made resources and educate them to lead a healthy future like how we got educated about smoking, road crossing, frienship, love, God and many more. It should be given equal importance like moral science and social behaviour lessons.The cyllabus should forecast and should be rewritten.Last but not the least.Please you are welcome to get me a sponsor and contacts to put this poster inside the shops and the places you know.You can help getting some sponsors or help me to get contacts or join with me in Goviagreen for a good cause.Together we can achieve millions.Come join the expedition.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Do a Eco Call

Found this interesting Eco friendly phone on the web. Hope the facts about the phone sounds interesting to you. But if you ask me whether i carry this phone the answer is no. But i still have my nokia 1100 which i bought it in second hand from my sister for 1000 rupees some 4 years back. I still not thought of buying a new phone instead i replaced the spares which ever gave trouble like the body but not the key pad.I think it's good to replace rather than going for a new if at all it doesn't give big trouble. My phone nearly looks like an antique piece but that din make me to go for another one. In case after a year or two i might switch to this Eco friendly phone. But now i am happy with what i have and proud of not adding an another junk to the environment. I believe when you stop buying it stops the manufacturing too. After all a mobile according to me is a devise to say hello.

Samsung Reclaim

The new Samsung Reclaim is being billed as "the first phone in the U.S. constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic materials":

"Made from 80 percent recyclable materials, Samsung Reclaim is a feature-rich messaging phone that offers environmentally conscious customers a perfect blend of responsibility without sacrificing the latest in network speeds and must-have features.

Its bio-plastic material, made from corn, makes up 40 percent of the Reclaim’s outer casing. Samsung Reclaim is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalates, and nearly free of brominated flame retardants (BFR): three materials commonly targeted on green electronics guidelines.

The outer packaging and the phone tray inside the box are made from 70 percent recycled materials. The images and text on the box as well as the phone warranty information are printed with soy-based ink.The typical thick paper user manual has been replaced with a virtual manual that users can access online."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Restroom Posters

These posters basically done with the intention to provide to all the corporates in chennai to insist and encourage thier employees not to leave a bulb switched on when not in use inside the restroom.The tone of the communication is hilarious without being educative unlike communication with serious tone which might miss out the attention of the readers. This could be a small step towards making this world a bit more greener.If we notice in today's trend there are lot of offices which doesn't care for the electrical and electronic appliances being used 24/7 even if it is not really required. They use the AC'S even if the outside temperature is really cool because it's cool thing to do for the corporates in the name of globalisation.Hardly you see people being simple in their day to day activities.They are least bothered even if their colleagues computer is on from monday to friday even if they know he/she is in off.Lot of things needs to be changed if not right now atleast in coming days.The more sooner we change, we care, our perspective towards luxury changes we might save ourself and our future generation to some point.Keeping the computer on and doing our own things in office is not luxury, When ever you enter you want the lights to be on in the rest room again this is not luxury.We wont keep our lights, AC'S and computers on in our houses, there we become responsible, we talk about electricity and money.Remember our luxuries should not affect anyone.We as of now living in others time, we borrowed everyday we borrowing each moment of them. Remember we will not be there to give the precious time we misuse now back to future generation. Let them live happily. Let our life style change.Be Conscious because we living in someone's time.Last but not the least if anybody really interested to contribute some good to the world and really cared about the future and want to do something about it want to see some change for the good around us. Please you are welcome to get me a sponsor and contacts to put these posters inside the offices you know, are you may help me to get in touch with the HR or in some way to get these posters to be a reality.You can help getting some sponsors or help me to get contacts or join with me in Goviagreen for a good cause.Together we can achieve millions.Come join the expedition.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Consume wisely: Reduce & Recycle

Decomposing Can

Decomposing Can
Decomposing Can it takes a second for you to recycle a can... it takes 50 years a can to recycle itself... JavaScript is disabled! To display this...

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Stop Global Warming

Wipe out global warming

Plant more trees

Global hero warming

Stop Global Warming